Casual Friday

casual friday

Blouse || Skirt || Dress || Belt || T-Shirt || Jeans

I have become so accustomed to dressing up for the office Monday through Thursday, I am finding myself increasingly challenged by the concept of “Casual Friday” in the business sector. While my college wardrobe might have screamed “casual,” the adjective certainly takes on a more professional tone in the workplace. It may be Friday but that doesn’t mean you won’t run into your boss in the hallway or have to sit in on an important meeting with a client. Thus, it’s crucial to approach “Casual Friday” with professionalism in mind. So I created the following styleboard to remind myself of what kind of casual is best for work and play.

Meeting with the boss: For me casual is all about the fabric, so I’d stick with more clean, structured pieces that transition better into an after-work activity. This yellow skirt is a great counterpart to your usual colored, pencil skirt and could easily be toned down even more with a simple white t-shirt. However, for an important meeting or work event, pairing this cotton skirt with a light blouse in a neutral print will keep you both comfortable and professional.

In the heat: At my current job I’ve been dealing with city commuting and summer heat, so dresses and skirts have been my best friends lately.  For this particular reason I stay away from jeans on casual Fridays and often opt for a knit, sleeveless dress.  This particular striped number is also great for Fridays full of meetings, and the belt will shine it up just enough.

Casual Chic: If your office is more low-key about the dress code, jeans and a clean-cut t-shirt are probably fine for Casual Friday. Personally I like a straight leg jean for work, especially in the summer. This short-sleeved t-shirt has just enough color that you can still stand out in your timeless t-shirt and jeans ensemble. Moreover, it comes in a linen blend which is perfectly light for the summer breeze.


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