{DIY} Grateful for Garlands

Creating, especially crafting, has always been my favorite form of relaxation and, honestly, therapy. I’m a very goal oriented person, who appreciates efficiency and productivity. I’d rather spend my downtime working on a DIY key rack than endlessly clicking through the internet. Crafting a unique item to use myself or gift to a friend is so gratifying because I feel like my downtime has been well spent creating something functional and beautiful.

My favorite “fast DIY” is garland. “The possibilities are endless” is a fabulous maxim, but not always true. However, in the realm of DIY garlands it certainly is so. Garlands can be intricately crafted, with different materials, or quickly made, with simply paper and string. You can use them for temporary or permanent decorating, and  for daily reminders or holiday celebrations.

Some garlands I keep up for months – those boasting inspirational words or colorful tassels – while others are seasonal – for Christmas and New Year’s. However, my favorite style involves two simple materials: clothespins and ribbon. With a little pain and hot glue you have a fast and personalized gift for everyone in your life. I use mine to hang photos, greeting cards, and little mementos.

garland group

My DIY Garlands

Thanks to my slight obsession with this type of project I curate a board on my Pinterest strictly for DIY Garlands. Follow here. It’s my trust source for party decorating and gift crafting!

garland inspo

Garlands 1 || 2 || 3 || 4


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