Wishful Wednesday


Every Wednesday I hope to reflect on my aspirations and hopes for the upcoming future. These “wishes” might be minor, such as housekeeping resolutions, or more expansive, flooding into the long term. I do envision some “bucket-list” type reminders to pop up on this list, including activities I have yet to do or places I have yet to see.

1. Decrease excess and embracing minimalism.

2. Find simple ways to exercise creativity.

3. Try new recipes (rather than making more plain pasta).

4. Clean the Keurig. Finally.

5. Get a table at Tryst and have a nice coffee-filled outing with friends.

6. Master the art of entertaining – on the cheap. Every bit older I get, the more I realize how expensive “being social” is for us young professionals. However, there’s nothing better than a simple, soiree hosted by a friend at her apartment.


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