Weekly Rewind

Weekly Rewind: September 28, 2014

Madewell Offers Complimentary Monogramming

Madewell is currently offering free monogramming on their full-priced leather goods (savings of $10, expires 10/20/2014). If I were to choose I’d have the Paintstripe Transport Tote monogrammed in gold foil. While brown and black are classic leather goods colors, wearing one can sometimes alienate the other. Style wise I’m not a big fan of a black bag with brown shoes and vice versa; however, a leather bag in a neutral yet unique color is a great investment. I currently sport a Coach Metro Tote in burgundy and love never having to worry if it clashes with my outfit. It holds all I need and the demure yet rich color  always gives it a pop. I am loving the olive tone of the Paintstripe Transport Tote though and can definitely see it pairing well with fall outfits.

mdw mono

#BannedBooksWeek: How Scandalous is Your Reading History?

I love that libraries across America celebrate Banned Books Week so I was excited to take this Buzzfeed quiz. Out of 93 of the most frequently banned books I received the following score of  35 out of 93. As an English major I find this number mildly embarrassing – time to start reading some classic banned books! I must say I’m glad that my schools never banned books, because I could have missed out on Judy Blume’s works during my adolescence or The Perks of Being a Wallflower when I was transitioning between high school and college.

Banned Books Week

How Successful People Deal with Stress

For a lot of people stress can lead to productive motivation. However, for others it can be paralyzing. I appreciate how this LinkedIn article breaks down the simple steps you can take to confront stress and absorb it’s good energy rather the bad.

  1. They practice gratitude for what they have.
  2. They stay positive.
  3. They focus on progress, not perfection.
  4. They practice self care.
  5. They rely on routines.
  6. They keep the big picture in view.

For me, putting these six “tips” together revitalized the tired mantra, “Look at the bigger picture.” The first five give you a new angle to create steps to achieve this big picture, steadying motivation.

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